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Stretchwall Cleanrooms

BASX Modular Cleanrooms (BMC) has been a recognized leader in the design and fabrication of truly modular cleanrooms backed by world class service to meet our customers’ requirements. We offer cleanrooms with the industry’s highest quality design to meet most cleanliness levels – from Class 10 to 100,000 and USP 797 – using the most cost-effective combination of construction materials. And we have the experience to support every phase of modular aseptic cleanroom design and construction to fit your particular budget and timeline.

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Economical alternative to Hardwall panel construction

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Exclusive Uni-Grid System

Exclusive Uni-Grid load-bearing, walkable ceiling system allows for easy maintenance and interchange of lights, tiles and HEPA filters.

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Unlimited Sizes & Configurations

Available in an unlimited number of sizes and configurations using high quality standard components

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Resistant Finish

Baked polyurethane powder coat finish ensures non-outgassing components with a hard-shell finish that will withstand frequent cleansing and will not contaminate your process

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Maximum Flexibility

Truly modular non-progressive construction provides maximum flexibility to accommodate new processes and equipment

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Fast Installation

Fast installation, simple to relocate, and pre-engineered to meet your demanding schedule.

Structural Integrity

BASX Modular Stretchwall Cleanrooms stand out as the most structurally rigid available anywhere in the industry. Formed from cold-rolled tubular steel, each frame is incredibly robust and highly durable. Together with any of the available flexible PVC stretch panels and our exclusive ceiling system, the frames compose a room which can be seismically rated and will endure punishment from outside and within.

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Cleanliness and Durability

All BMC frames and ceiling grids are powder coated with a polyurethane material then baked at 450 degrees to ensure truly non-outgassing components. Unlike epoxy, which is an outgassing product, or unbaked powder coatings, the BMC process provides an extremely hard-shell finish that will withstand frequent cleansing and will not contaminate your process. The result is a beautiful, consistent finish on a room that looks simple even though it meets detailed requirements.

Unique and Intelligent Design

BMC's exclusive Uni-Grid ceiling system is fully welded to form a structurally superior and unified ceiling grid. It is then powder-coated and fitted with closed-cell gasketing that creates a tight seal with all drop-in components. Each fully loaded Uni-Grid is self-supporting and can be designed to be completely walkable with a 250 lb point load, allowing for simple exchange of the 2'x4' lights, tiles and Fan Filter Units.

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Industries and Applications

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Innumerable configurations, in standard increments of 2’x4’ units, unsupported spans up to 40’ with Truss System.
Federal Standard 209e Class 100,000 to Class 10 and ISO Standards compatible.
2'x4' HEPA or ULPA Fan Filter Units. Various Control Packages Available.
Uni-Grid ceiling system: 1/8” thick steel , all-welded construction, fitted with closed-cell gasketing.
Welded 2”x2”x.083” heavy gauge cold-rolled tubular steel, pre-engineered construction.
White baked polyurethane powder-coating.
Stretch Panels
16 mil clear flexible PVC standard.


  • Factory installation of provided items
  • Stretch panel materials include: clear, static dissipative, UV protectants, opaque white, black/green and black, as well as other application-specific materials
  • UL listed flush-mount electrical outlets and light switches
  • Pass-thru’s, air-showers
  • Teardrop or flow-through lighting
  • Cutouts to accommodate processes, conveyer belts and machinery
  • Structural calculations and seismic ratings
  • Integrated gowning room
  • Swing doors, Automatic Sliding Doors, sliding track curtains or strip access entrances