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Adiabatically Assisted Free Cooling Chiller

A custom engineered solution whereby outdoor air is drawn-in across evaporative media. The adiabatic (evaporative) process precools the air which is then used to cool the heat rejection coils of a hydronic loop.

This arrangement greatly surpasses the performance of a common “dry-cooler” because the resulting water loop temperature can be much cooler then the outdoor ambient (which a dry cooler cannot provide).

More Features

Uses of this “free cooling” water are:

  • Chilled water for use as a condenser water loop.
  • Chilled water for use as a primary cooling source.
  • Chilled water for use as a pre-cooling source or hydronic economizer.
  • Heat rejection for injection molding processes.

Ambient conditions and specific heat rejection applications must be reviewed, but BASX stands-ready to engineer a solution for you and/or your client’s needs.