Digital Infrastructure

In-Row Coolers, 20-100kW

BASX Solutions Close-Coupled Ultra-High Efficiency In-Row Cooling Units are ideally suited for both low and high density rack architectures, providing cooling redundancy configurations to meet the most demanding applications.

BASX Solutions IR Series utilizes an energy efficient fan/motor/cone design that uses up to 20% less energy than typical EC fan designs. Premium efficiency 3 phase motors coupled with custom high-efficiency AMCA certified plenum fans deliver superior acoustic performance. This solution is scalable enabling you to add cooling as demand increases.

Available as chilled water units, each IRC is designed for easy access with a modular frame and panel concept providing maximum unit strength. However, all maintenance and service has been designed for front access only where site restrictions dictate. The BASX IR series are high capacity air conditioning units and have been deployed by firms such as Brocade, Cologix, eBay, and Oracle. By placing these units in the server row, they are closely coupled to the heat source providing efficient operation and flexibility.

More Features
  • Premium Efficient 3-Phase motors or permanent magnetic motors.
  • Multiple control options
  • Fan speed determined by the amount of cooling required resulting in an energy efficient design.
  • Easy access with a modular frame providing service access from the front only.
  • Powder coated finish, custom colors available