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Heating, cooling, and ventilation is a standard mechanical necessity for any building, but in a hospital or pharmaceutical setting, clean and conditioned air is vital to the health and safety of patients who are far more sensitive and reactive to their surroundings than the average person.

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HVAC and air quality is one of the most expensive operational costs to hospitals. Energy along with air quality must be balanced. Different methods of conserving energy can be implemented using a variety of systems to economize air and water and attempt to recover energy in the most efficient way.

Based on levels of importance and capacity for individual facilities, designs can be custom built to accommodate energy conservation and efficiency. Choosing the right equipment through customization can have very short payback periods. Contrary, off-the-shelf equipment may be at the sacrifice of performance and low cost on-going operation expense. BASX is the right company to turn to with highly experienced HVAC engineers to design systems to unique requirements.

Patients are especially sensitive in terms of air quality and purity, which creates the need for a measurement of airborne disease prevention in a hospital or medical space. Infection control measures and guideline air quality standards must be met. From air conditioners to furnaces, filters and ducts, the air distributed through a hospital or pharmaceutical facility must operate within the highest possible standards. Air quality systems within these space(s) require precise regulation, with the following contributing factors playing a part:

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