Digital Infrastructure

Overhead Fan Coil Coolers

BASX Solutions Fan Coil Units are typically used in place of a conventional recirculating air unit due to space height restrictions and are often installed in a ceiling grid system or suspended from a support structure. Recirculated air is purified through a prefilter installed on the top and blown through a HEPA or ULPA filter into a cleanroom.

BASX Solutions overhead cooling units are similar in design to our well-known In-Row Coolers. They are reconfigured to be installed above the cabinets in the cold aisle. Since they are overhead and can have a wider form-factor, they can house more fans and deliver higher cooling capacities than a standard close-coupled in-row solution.

More Features
  • Maximize Floor space for Server Cabinets
  • High-Capacity Airflow
  • Evenly Distribute Air in Cold Aisle
  • Low-Approach Coils use Less Chiller kW
  • Ultra-Quiet