Digital Infrastructure

Chiller / Fluid Cooler

BASX custom chillers are designed with the unique requirements of a modern data center in mind. They are built using high-quality, highly energy efficient components and custom coils. BASX chillers were a component of the Equinix LA3 upgrade that reduced peak load by ~750 kW and helped earn a $1M power rebate.

More Features
  • Fully integrated free-cooling coils that allow for built-in air-side or refrigerant economization
  • VFD compressors that greatly reduce power draw at less-than-design conditions
  • Low-approach coils that obtain desired water temperatures, with free cooling, at relatively warmer outside air temperatures
  • Very quiet - attractive to operators running data centers in urban environments
  • Smaller footprint - easy solution for upgrading capacity or efficiency at space-constrained legacy data center properties