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Custom HVAC Solutions

Vertical Self-Contained Cooling

Typically utilized in multi-story office buildings, BASX Vertical Self-Contained AC Units high highly customizable water-cooled mechanical units that consider retrofits in its design. One or more units provide comfort cooling to each floor, or for sections of the floor, depending on the building layout. This allows for customized comfort on a floor-by-floor and occupant-by-occupant basis. Utilizing optional waterside economizers allow for maximum energy efficiency and reducing compressor run time.

More Features
  • Sectionalized design allows for ease of retrofitting existing vertical self contained units reaching the end of their useful life.
  • Using optimized plenum fans and scroll compressors ensures quiet operation for tenant comfort
  • Stand-alone or BAS integrated controls available
  • Airside and waterside economizer options available to take minimize energy consumptions
  • Excellent Indoor Air Quality