Digital Infrastructure

JWF High Efficiency Water Free Cooling

The BASX Solutions JWF is an industry leading indirect free cooling system that provides high efficiency cooling to data center applications. The JWF is configured to maximize the amount of free cooing hours realized by data center operators. Available as a packaged system with integral air handling units or as a split system feeding CRAHs, IRCs, overhead cooling and cold plate cooling. The standard JWF provides cooling without the use of water with annualized PUE below 1.1 and is available with optional adiabatic assist.

This is a dry cooling solution for mission critical applications.

More Features
  • High efficiency water free cooling (PUE well below 1.1)
  • Water free solution removes the need to water infrastructure and treatment
  • Adiabatic assisted option if needed to redo connected load
  • Indirect cooling that doesn't introduce outside air into the white space
  • System configuration maximizes free cooling hours and minimizes compressor usage
  • Packaged unit ships as a single piece, fully charged, factory tested unit
  • Split system versions designed to ie into CRAH, IRC, Overhead cooling, Cold plates
  • Fully integrated controls package that ensures system is maximizing free cooling hours
  • Custom engineered for each project site to maximize efficiency
  • Designed for ease of service and accessibility

Innovative Solutions to Fit Your Needs

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The Benefits

  • Large installed base
  • Extensive testing
  • Modeling tool for fast system rating
  • No head pressure limitations for split systems
  • Reliable:
  • Robust components
  • No outside air
  • No water treatment/supply
  • No heat wheels or system leakage
  • Common components
  • Tuned for data centers
  • Integrated controls optimize performance at varying load
  • Annualized PUE below 1.1
  • Factory verified packaged solution
  • Cost Effective:
  • Competitive first cost
  • Low OPEX
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Efficient consumed power and maximum power
  • Excellent for high density