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Custom HVAC Solutions

JWF-HRM Water Free Heat Rejection Modules

The BASX Solutions JWF Heat Rejection Module (HRM) is an industry leading indirect free cooling system that provides high efficiency cooling to data center applications. The JWF-HRM is configured to maximize the amount of free cooing hours realized by data center operators. It is engineered and designed to provide chilled fluid to CRAHs, FCWs IRCs, overhead cooling units and cold plate cooling. The JWF-HRM provides cooling without the use of water with annualized PUE below 1.1 and is available with optional adiabatic assist.

Provides design flexibility for applications with multiple types of white space process cooling systems.

More Features
  • Available in sizes from 15O KW up to 3 MW IT cooling loads.
  • Designed for use with BASX, close approach, white space cooling systems, including:

    - Perimeter CRAH sizes from 200 KW up to 1 MW
    - Overhead Hot aisle containment FCU
    - Perimeter FCW, Fan Coil Wall for white space designs
    - In Row Cooling (IRC) systems designed for BASX close approach applications
    - Cold plate, liquid cooling for GPU and other high density cooling applications
    - Total system control capability
    - Cooling distribution units (CDU)
    - Adiabatically assisted options are available