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Modular Data Center Solutions

Keeping efficiency at a maximum and operating cost at a respectable level are the main concerns for any data center facility. Whether you are looking to take advantage of “free cooling”, scalable solutions, split or packaged units, BASX Solutions carries a wide range of products to meet your demanding needs.

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Data Center HVAC Solutions

Perfection and excellence in customized design. BASX Solutions has the ability to create something unique and completely original for your data storage center.

A result of custom designed HVAC solutions are safer and more reliable operations due to the following contributors:

  • Efficient use of energy. Custom solutions that are designed specifically for your data center will save the energy that might be used by a standard cooling system.
  • Specific needs and requirements of your data center. Each and every data center space will have its own challenges to face in regards to the size and amount of space available, the abundance of sound, and many other factors.

Data Center Retrofit

CMS Overhead Cooling Units Offer the Following:


  • Maximize Floorspace for Server Cabinets
  • High-Capacity Airflow
  • Evenly Distribute Air in Cold Aisle
  • Low-Approach Coils use Less Chiller kW
  • Ultra-Quiet


  • 12, 14, 32 Ton Options+
  • 600 CFM/Ton+
  • EC or VFD Plenum Fans
  • 0.065kW/Ton Power Draw++

+ Since CMS builds 100% custom cooling systems, larger, higher-capacity units can be made.
++ Compare to ~0.5kW/ton for a standard cooling unit picked out of a catalog.
Chilled water overhead units have been made in 8 foot and 10 foot lengths, approach of 5-6 degrees and the fan kw is approximately 2% of IT load.

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Custom HVAC Solutions

Whether your needs cover biotechnology, data center, semiconductor, pharmaceutical or any other mission critical application, BASX air handlers are custom designed and built to improve your overall facility performance – better energy savings, improved air quality, maximal comfort for your occupants.

The BASX Solutions Advantage

​Quality performance of technologic equipment is only possible when safe and exact air handling conditions exists. Facilities such as data centers are reliant on and extremely responsive to tempered air control and regulations. Precise settings make it possible for sensitive spaces to operate without mechanical failure due to inadequate cooling systems. This physical environment is crucial for equipment to work correctly and reliably.