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Plenum Modules

​Plenum modules eliminate the need for field built ducts and duct collars while reducing overall pressure drop. Plenum modules have the same benefits as flush ceiling grid, including integrated lighting and fire protection, as well as excellent performance. Able to withstand high point loads with minimum deflection, BasX plenums are able to support recirculation air handlers, live loads and other accessories. Maintenance access to fan modules is made easy via walkable top skins. Multiple plenums may be tied into one fan module when side wall openings are used.


Plenum Features:

  • Provides Direct Support For Recirculation Air Handlers
  • Plenum Module Eliminates The Need For Field Built Plenums
  • Shared Air Openings To Adjacent Plenums
  • Plenum Modules Are Suspended From Structure Or Custom
  • Floor Mounted Support Structure Can Be Provided
  • Plenum Modules Are Available In Sizes Up To 8’ x 24’