BASX Solutions Research and Development / Test Laboratory

Product innovation, superior design and quality manufacturing are hallmarks of a great company. We believe BASX reputation as a technology leader is directly tied to our commitment to Research and Development and Product Testing. To maintain the highest level of accuracy in our product data, BASX maintains a laboratory facility with a wide range of testing capabilities to meet our customer’s needs.

Core Competencies

  • Fan and Air Handler Design – Basx engineers have over 30 years’ experience designing fans and air handlers for the HVAC industry. During that time the R&D team has been awarded over 20 patents for innovative designs including the now popular fan array or Fanwall products including passive and active sound attenuation, air flow and measurement methods such as the Econo-Disk volume control and the P-Cone flow measurement system.
  • Sound and Vibration – Basx engineers are fully qualified to support the engineering community and customer needs in sound and vibration. Services include both measurement and prediction of sound levels to meet stringent project demands.
  • Air Flow Modeling – Expertise in flow modeling includes fan and appurtenance design and whole room air flow studies.
  • Thermal Analysis – Capability includes heat transfer analysis as well as full scale mock-ups and product testing.

Lab Capabilities

  • A 40,000 CFM Air flow measurement chamber for testing fans in accordance with AMCA 210 figures 12 and 15 including air flow rate versus pressure and consumed power for a wide variety of fan types.
  • Electric Motor and Drive Testing – Motor and VFD testing is available to determine input power to the drive, input power to the motor and overall motor and drive efficiency.
  • Fan appurtenance system effects.
  • Damper leakage and pressure drop tests.
  • Sound attenuator testing, insertion loss and self-noise.
  • Sound Intensity Measurements in accordance with AMCA 320 and ISO 9614.
  • Vibration measurements including balance confirmation, structural investigations including resonance and whole unit testing for residual unbalance and transmitted force.
  • Mock-ups, full or partial scale for air handling systems including cleanroom applications.