Data Center Solutions


The BASX CR Series are high capacity air conditioning units used for a wide variety of spaces. Applications range from small rooms to large data centers and are highly efficient available with upflow or downflow air distribution. The CR Series allows you to cool raised floor, non-raised floor and ducted applications. Customized to meet your exacting requirements, BasX can modify the footprint, match existing controls, assemble in place, quick-ship, and provide custom colors. These custom units have been installed by firms such as Cologix, Equinix, Fenwick and West, Terremark, and major cloud providers.

No de-rating necessary. When comparing BasX with competing units, be sure to look at the CFM/ton. A Ton is Not a Ton. BASX doesn't sacrifice air flow to attain a higher ton rating. Our units perform as specified at design.

More Features
  • Highest Efficiency - 40% less than competitors units
  • Innovative Fan Technology
  • Superior Acoustic Performance
  • Upflow and Downflow capabilities
  • Raised Floor and Non-raised floor applications