Custom HVAC

BASX Solutions applies its philosophy of combining the fundamentals of design with innovative approaches, solutions and technologies into designing a Custom Commercial HVAC Solution for your mission critical application. Each product offering differentiates itself from the current industry standard. Using pre-packaged units can result in performance gaps when critical needs are not addressed.

The BASX Custom AHU Advantage

  • All welded, heavy-duty structural channel iron frame with lifting brackets
  • Anti-microbial/anti-corrosive construction
  • Foam panel, hybrid foam panel and fiberglass insulation
  • Thermal break technology
  • Optional fan types, styles, and discharge arrangements
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • Energy recovery ventilation: wheels, plate, and heat pipe technology
  • Chilled water, DX and direct or indirect evaporative cooling options
  • Hot water, steam, direct or indirect gas, and electric resistance heating options
  • Pre-filters, high efficiency, HEPA/ULPA, odor control media filter options

Additional Features

  • Modular construction
  • Air monitoring devices
  • Smooth interior or exterior
  • Large access panel doors
  • Anti-skid and diamond-plate floors
  • Powder coat finish to your specifications
  • UV lights
  • Service vestibules
  • Power panels
  • Unit controls
  • Interior lights and receptacles
  • Dampers, louvers, and hoods
  • Viewing ports
  • Air blenders
  • Humidifiers
  • Indoor or outdoor cabinet construction
  • Steel, aluminum or stainless steel cabinet
  • Factory roof curb
  • Standard and severe duty components
  • Pitched stainless steel drain pans

Custom Air Handling Units

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Direct Evaporative Cooling Units

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Fan Retrofits

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High Pressure HVAC

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Packaged DX Air Handling Units

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Vertical Self-Contained Cooling

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Industries and Applications

  • Airports
  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Government & Military
  • Industrial
  • Institutional HVAC
  • Universities
  • Hospitals & Surgical Suites
Custom Air Handling Units, 5,000-100,000+ CFM

With a wealth of experience BASX Solutions provides design solutions to meet and exceed your Custom Air Handling Unit requirements. As a custom provider of air handling equipment we take pride in our ability to find efficient solutions to unique requirements prevalent in today’s market place. Footprint, performance, and energy efficiency are all part of the custom unit design equation, all of which is the basis for our approach to your equipment needs.

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  • Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Curb, slab, suspended, or platform capable structure
  • Powder coated or galvanized finish options
  • No CFM limitations
  • Panelized construction both seams turned inward and turned outward depending on the application for water and condensation migration control.
  • Wash down construction options
  • Materials of construction can include aluminum, steel, and stainless steel
  • Multiple panel thicknesses available to meet R-Value insulation requirements
  • 3D Revit models of your specific equipment available
  • Hydronic, gas fired, and steal heating options available
  • Antimicrobial finish options for pharmaceutical and healthcare environments.