Cleanroom Ceiling Systems

Fan Filter Units

​BASX Fan Filter Units are typically used in place of a conventional recirculating air unit due to space height restrictions and are often installed in a ceiling grid system or suspended from a support structure. Recirculated air is purified through a prefilter installed on the top and blown through a HEPA or ULPA filter into a cleanroom.

More Features
  • Meets ISO standards for airflow velocity and air exchange per hour.
  • FFUs can be used in palce of more conventional recirculating air units like a ducted or plenum air system.
  • Ideal in cleanroom ceiling grids with height restrictions or smaller internal floor dimensions.
  • Considered less expensive than a ducted system using a fan-powered HEPA filter.
  • FFUs are a lightweight option that can be placed directly in a free-standing grid above a workspace.
  • Allow a quiet working environment.