Ebola Isolation Suite for Patient Observation & Containment

Redmond, Ore., Nov. 5, 2014 (Globe Newswire)

BASX Solutions has announced the introduction of the Ebola Isolation Suite for use in patient observation and containment. The Isolation Suite's initial approach is designed to handle cases of individuals that have potentially been exposed to Ebola and who exhibit signs of Ebola, as well as those that are confirmed to be infected with the Ebola virus.

"Precautions taken to isolate the virus from the general population can be done while still providing the comfort and social interactions that we expect in everyday life," says Dave Benson, CEO of BASX Solutions. The majority of facilities used on a daily basis are poorly equipped to handle viruses such as Ebola, and they also do not contain livable accommodations. This includes hospitals, airports, and the facilities that support service personnel returning from the field.

Unlike other methods of containment currently applied, the BASX Isolation Suite is designed to be completely livable, allowing the individual inside to maintain a normal lifestyle. It incorporates extensive features such as digital temperature control, radiant floor heating, low voltage lighting, high-speed Wifi connectivity, and high-definition display panels. In addition, the suite includes an inspection area, a kitchen with an island counter, a bedroom and full bathroom, and a lounge area.

Beyond comfort and livability, BASX Solutions ' Isolation Suite has greatly advanced containment features that assure safety and accountability in keeping viral infection at bay. These features include negative pressure control in addition to Hepa and UV-filtered outside air, exhaust air, return air, and supply air. In the BASX Solutions Isolation Suite, the waste water is fully contained. This is critical so that all water is properly treated and sterilized prior to collection and disposal into public sanitary systems. "This aspect is essential to assure that our sanitary system and workers are not exposed to viruses that are currently disposed directly into our sewers," Benson says. This feature is also important to support future needs, when if necessary this waste water may be directly pumped to collection tanks to take to hazardous waste facilities.

The current priority is to provide the containment of individuals exposed to and infected by the Ebola virus through an effective but humane process. The Isolation Suite provided by BasX Solutions not only provides that, but includes a multitude of other measures that help eliminate virus transfer through state of the art isolation technology. To read more about the construction of the Isolation Suite and to view a full list of its containment features, please view the product on the BASX Solutions website.

About BASX Solutions: BASX Solutions offers the most highly advanced and most health-conscious product on the market for Ebola isolation. Experience in the design, construction, and operation of clean room facilities as well as Ph.D.s in microbiology and structural engineering allow the BASX Solutions team to create products that work. Combined, the team at BASX has over 150 years of background in clean room facilities, used throughout the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industries. The BASX Solutions team has worked with an endless list of leading research facilities and hospitals across the country.