Custom Air Handling Systems

BASX Solutions applies its philosophy of combining the fundamentals of design with innovative approaches, solutions and technologies into designing a Custom Commercial HVAC Solution for your mission critical application. Each product offering differentiates itself from the current industry standard. Using pre-packaged units can result in performance gaps when critical needs are not addressed.

More Features
  • Indoor or outdoor cabinet construction
  • Modular construction
  • All welded, heavy-duty structural channel iron frame with lifting brackets
  • Steel, aluminum or stainless steel cabinet
  • Smooth interior or exterior
  • Anti-microbial/anti-corrosive construction
  • Foam panel, hybrid foam panel and fiberglass insulation
  • Large access panel doors
  • Anti-skid and diamond-plate floors
  • Powder coat finish to your specification for all cabinets, roof, base, and interior partitions and doors
  • Thermal break technology
  • Factory roof curb
  • Standard and severe duty components
  • Optional fan types, styles, and discharge arrangements
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  • Energy recovery ventilation: wheels, plate, and heat pipe technology
  • Chilled water, DX and direct or indirect evaporative cooling options
  • Hot water, steam, direct or indirect gas, and electric resistance heating options
  • Pitched stainless steel drain pans
  • Pre-filters, high efficiency, HEPA/ULPA, odor control media filter options
  • Air monitoring devices UV lights
  • Service vestibules
  • Power panels
  • Unit controls
  • Interior lights and receptacles
  • Dampers, louvers, and hoods
  • Viewing ports
  • Air blenders
  • Humidifiers