Bottom Load Flush Ceiling System

BASX Solutions offers a flush ceiling system with a Bottom-Load Flush ceiling. This extrusion is suited for applications where the space above the ceiling grid is limited and where the application calls for the filters to contain gel rather than the ceiling grid. It enables you to load filters, fan filter units, or blank pans straight up without tipping or rotating them through the grid opening. The extrusion features a downward facing knife-edge to which the gel in the filter or blank pan will seal.

More Features
  • Integral knife-edge extrusion.
  • Welded module grid with welded knife-edges miters. Optional stick-built grid with field caulked miters where required.
  • Continuous slot extrusion for the retaining clips allows for superior load capacity.
  • ¼ turn filter retaining clips that do not generate particles (we do not use a screw receiver extrusion since it generates particles).
  • Closure strip for the slot to eliminate particle cavities.
  • A true flush concealed sprinkler head can be used in the grid extrusion.
  • Filters that are pre-gelled at the filter manufacturer’s facility.
  • Option to be walkable on the filters, FFUs, or blank pans.
  • Optional Equalizer can be used to balance the system with a center adjustment port in the filter.
  • Of course, this system includes all the features and options of the flush ceiling, integrated lighting, built-in fire protection, Clean-Screens, welded modular grids or stick-built grids, modular plenums, and special finishes for chemical resistance.