Redmond Company Makes Ebola Suite

Published Nov 6, 2014 At 12:01am / Updated Nov 6, 2014 At 09:15pm

BASX Solutions, a Redmond company, has developed a 400-square-foot, portable Ebola Isolation Suite.

The suite features advanced containment features designed to keep the patient isolated but comfortable. It can serve as an observation unit or a treatment area, said company spokeswoman Cambria Benson. The units may be connected to one another while remaining individually isolated to create an entire complex, Benson said.

Dave Benson, BASX CEO, said he envisions the unit being put to use at airports and hospitals and by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. A local hospital that Benson declined to identify has expressed interest in acquiring a unit, he said.

The unit price depends on what features the client requires, Benson said. Manufacturing the unit takes about six weeks, he said.

For the Ebola suite, BASX added new features suggested by engineers and doctors to its regular portable surgical suite, Cambria Benson said.

"We're just beginning the marketing phase right now", she said.

The suites feature digital temperature control, air-flow control and Wi-Fi connectivity, along with a kitchen, bedroom, full bathroom and other amenities.

- Bulletin staff reports