CRAC/CRAH, 100-400kW

BASX Solutions CR Series are high capacity air conditioning units used for a wide variety of spaces. Applications range from small rooms to large data centers and are highly efficient, available with upflow or downflow air distribution.

More Features
  • No de-rating necessary. When comparing BASX with competing units, be sure to look at the CFM/ton. A Ton is Not a Ton. BASX doesn’t sacrifice air flow to attain a high-er ton rating. Our units perform as specified at design.
  • Highest Efficiency - 40% less than competitor’s units
  • Innovative Fan Technology
  • Superior acoustic performance
  • upflow and downflow capabilities
  • Raised floor and non-raised floor capabilities
  • Chilled water, DX and water (Glycol) cooled options
  • Air-side, water-side, refrigerant economizer options